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                      Guidelines for Authors

1. Abstract must be submitted in English Only.

2. The font size should only be 12-point . Title will automatically appear

in CAPITALS as in final version of the abstract book.

3. The text should not contain more than 250 words.

4. Name, institution, city, and country should be typed.

5. There is no limit in the numbers of abstracts; one investigator can

submit multiple abstracts.

6.  Please specify whether you intend to have on oral or poster

presentation. Note that the Scientific Committee try consider your

choice when making the final decision.

7. Organize the body of the abstract of follows:




           e) Conclusion

8. Use standard abbreviations and place a special or unusual abbreviation

 in parenthesis after the full word appears for the first time. Use generic

names of drug. Write numbers as numeral rather than words.

9. Authors whose native language is not English are STRONGLY

 advised to seek appropriate grammatical assistance. Poorly written

abstracts are at disadvantage. No further grammatical editing will be

 performed .


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