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Thursday  3rd  March 2016

Cardiac Physiotherapy

Hall E




Sarafzadeh J , Khalkhali Zavieh M , Ravanbod R, Khosravianarab T



Guidelines for the Six-Minute Walk Test

Eshraghi HR (Iran)


The Effect of Cardiac Rehabilitation on the Results of 6-Minute Walk Test in Post Angioplasty Cardiac Patients Referred to Shahid Beheshti Hospital – Qom

Marvi M (Iran)


The effect of Cardiac Rehabilitation program following elective percutaneous coronary angiography on the severity of depressive symptoms

Rahmani R (Iran)


The relationship between Self-care and health Promoting Behaviors in Cardiac surgery Patients Based on Health Promotion Model

Mohsenipouya H (Iran)


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