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Wednesday 2nd March 2016

Perfusion & Anesthesiology

Hall S




Hekmat M, Rezvan-Nobahar M, Hasanzadeh A, Tajammolian A


13:00 -13:30

Principle of pediatric ECMO

Endres D(Germany)

Ahmadpoor T(Germany)

13:30 –13:50

Frequency of thrombocytopenic ratio and its relationship with the first 24 hour chest tube drainage and cardiopulmonary bypass in patients undergoing heart operation in Moosavi Hospital of Zanjan March 2011 to September 2013

Yadegari MA (Iran)

13:50– 14:05

TAVI & Role of perfusionist

Ahmadpoor T(Germany)

14 :05–14:25

Update of cardioplegia

Selkke F(USA)

14:25 –14:30

Q & A


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